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We “Indian Institute of Islamic Finance” are a group of academicians, intellectuals, and working professionals who are keenly interested to bring the fortunes of Islamic Finance to the Indian Financial market. We are desired to create a better understanding of Islamic Finance among the folks in India so that they can explore this growing sector and benefit from this which is not familiar to them.

To contribute to the promotion of knowledge in Islamic Finance.

To create awareness, provide training and academic material on Islamic Finance through literature, seminars and consultancy services.

As per our vision and mission we will be focusing on below:-

  1. We will be providing literature on Islamic Finance (IF)
  2. We will also be covering Islamic Banking (IB)
  3. Trying to be a one stop destination for IF
  4. We will be supporting research in IF
  5. We will be providing training for students and working professionals to build their career in IF&B
  6. We will be conducting seminars with the presence of industry experts to develop this model of finance in India
  7. Our main focus would be to develop a true Islamic profit & loss sharing business model for the future growth of Indian financial sector
  8. Will try our best to eradicate the interest based cursed model of conventional banking through educating people about interest free blessed Islamic banking model in India
  9. We will be constantly observing the recent developments about this sector in India and around the world and inform the visitors of our website
  10. Also we will be bringing the career opportunities in this sector for the interested and eligible candidates to build their career
  11. We will also try to be the bridge between Muslim scholars (Jurists / Mufis) and Islamic Finance and come up with the solution for Muslim upliftment in financial market.
  12. We will be bringing the literature in English as well as in Urdu for a better understanding of this model for the common folks in India
  13. We will also try to bust the illusion that Islamic banking  is a religious system only for Muslims, instead we believe it is an alternative to conventional banking system and open for all.
  14. Apart from IF&B will be covering the new products and services in the sector like Islamic Housing loan, Leasing, Insurance etc which will present the volatility & diversity in this sector
  15. Last but not the least will try our best in our capacity to bring you whatever is required to understand this sector better and apply it in our practical life to benefit from it the most etc.

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