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We “Indian Institute of Islamic Finance” are a group of academicians, intellectuals, and working professionals who are keenly interested to bring the fortunes of Islamic Finance to the Indian Financial market.


To contribute to the promotion of knowledge in Islamic Finance.


To create awareness, provide training and academic material on Islamic Finance through literature, seminars and consultancy services.

Islamic Finance

Introduction to Fundamentals of Islamic Finance


We are living in the world where there are reports saying the current western financial model has reached its maturity and going towards its saturation. In this scenario people around the world are doing their research for the next model to match the gap. Many finance specialists came to a conclusion that Islamic Finance would be the most possible new finance model in the world.

Brief History

Islamic Finance is not at all a new concept, it has originated since the spread of Islam, it prohibits Riba (usury/interest) and this is the back bone of the whole idea. Muslims are restricted to indulge in any activity which is prohibited in Islam, and that’s how the whole concept of Islamic Finance had begun. There are vivid laws and regulations of what is permissible and what is not permissible in Islam and same in the case of IF.

Basics of Islamic Finance

The whole purpose of Islamic finance is that one should not indulge in any un Islamic, illegitimate business and the wealth should not be kept in the hands of few but it should be proportionately divided among the people. While conventional banking and finance is wholly depends on interest and allied kind of businesses, Islamic finance provides the alternatives to be away from interest.

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